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It’s been a great nine years in Orlando. Here are some of the highlights from our time here.

Nine years in picturesAidan breaks his femur and wears a cast for seven loooonnnnng weeks – Jun 2002

< Aidan originally wanted pink. “I’m sorry, honey. They’re all out of pink,” Mom said with a straight face.

Roy begins work in Orlando as graphic design facilitator – Aug 2002

Becky begins work in Orlando as a market researcher – Aug 2002

Niece Hannah visits us during her 7 weeks of life – Dec 2002

< Baby Hannah spent a significant amount of her short life as our first visitor in Orlando

Roy designs booth for Urbana03 – Dec 2003

< Another over-the-top booth for the Urbana student mission conference: a traverse climbing wall

Our most commented-on newsletter article, The Great Armadillo War – Mar 2004

Three hurricanes hit Orlando in five weeks, and Roy bails 40 gallons of water out of our living room… twice – Aug/Sep 2004

Roy leaves graphic design and does a three-month internship for a senior vice president – Nov 2004

Roy takes position as director of recruitment resources – Mar 2005

Roy and Becky take a tenth anniversary, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel – Apr 2005

< The Jordan River in dry season is a far cry from flood stage, when the nation of Israel walked through it

Roy and Becky’s 10th wedding anniversary – Aug 2005

Kaitlyn is born – Nov 2005

< The beginning of a color shift in our laundry

Aidan’s appendix ruptures on New Years Day, and he spends 16 days in two children’s hospitals fighting infection – Jan 2006

< If you ask Aidan, Atlanta Children’s Hospital had the better play area, but Arnold Palmer had the better video selection

Roy leads Wycliffe team at Urbana06 in St. Louis – Dec 2006

< After participating on the planning teams for two prior conferences, Roy’s team took on the first Urbana that wasn’t at Urbana, Illinois

Roy becomes an elder at CrossPointe Church Orlando – Feb 2007

The family takes a road trip to Pennsylvania and Washington – Mar 2007

< Aidan and Cotter demonstrate Lincoln’s brotherhood ideal

Roy becomes director of specialty recruitment – Apr 2007

Roy and Becky celebrate ten Years in Wycliffe – Aug 2007

Roy starts The Threshing Floor community for young leaders – 2007

On the way home from Thanksgiving, a garbage truck blows a tire and we somehow escape with minor scrapes – Nov 2007

< After our brush with death, Aidan pointed out the truck’s bumper sticker, “How am I driving?”

Becky takes over as Children’s Ministry Director at CrossPointe – Dec 2007

< The ministry eventually grows to 160 kids and 85 volunteers

Roy asks Karen Snyder to move to Orlando to start an internship program – Apr 2008

< Karen (on the right) eventually moves in with our family and became the big sister Kaitlyn always wanted. Later she initiates Crepe Day on Saturday mornings.

Becky starts homeschooling the kids – Aug 2008

< Three years later, Kaitlyn has her technique perfected: she picks a new location for school each morning. This one is on top of Becky’s desk.

The recruitment team Roy leads brings in 56 members in one year – 2007-08

Becky begins teaching coupon workshops, and her disciples begin annoying cashiers all over southeast Orlando – 2009

Roy takes new role as director of leadership development – Apr 2009

Roy serves as chair of the Board nominating committee for Wycliffe USA – 2009-10

Roy spends a week in Peru and another in Panama – 2010

< Roy enjoys a laugh with Jorge, a Bolivian who is a huge fan of Vision 2025. He wears his passion on his sleeve – in the form of iron-on decals.

CrossPointe moves from the YMCA to its own location – Sep 2010

< Becky and Roy go crazy painting murals to illustrate the God is Bigger theme

Roy gets a life-changing phone call from the Wycliffe Canada search committee – Nov 2010

Our family walks outside to see the last space shuttle launch – Jul 2011

< We were hoping to see something like this shot, taken in 2006. Instead, all we see is clouds. But what a unique opportunity we had over the last nine years to watch the workhorse of the space program from our house.

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Here’s our latest newsletter. Click the images to get a pdf file.

EyreMail Mar 2011 page 1 EyreMail Mar 2011 page 2

Roy and Becky

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Becky and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent a few days in Amelia Island and had a bountiful feast with family in Jacksonville.

Here’s the November newsletter. Click on the images below to view the pdf files.



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CrossPointe Church Orlando

Our new church building

For those who like the big picture, here’s the view of our new building from the parking lot. Our attendance on Sunday was double what we were running four weeks ago, so this lot was pretty full!

As promised, here are a few more shots of the children’s rooms. On Saturday, I’ll be hanging a couple of pieces of artwork I’ve created that illustrate the idea of church and home coming together to amplify the gospel message in the life of each child.

God is Bigger

A participatory mural where kids can bring in the biggest pine cone or a photo of a giant peach

The space room

When Kaitlyn walked into her classroom and saw this planet, she exclaimed, "Wow! That's big!" Exactly.

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As I explained in my last post, our goal is for every child to think of the biggest thing they can imagine or comprehend and realize that God is bigger than that. So when Kaitlyn walked into her space classroom and exclaimed, “That is big!” we felt pretty good. She gets it.

Kaitlyn is big

Kaitlyn shows off the mural in the reception area

Our reception area is dominated by an interactive mural that encourages kids to participate. I just mounted a shadow box today (I’ll post photos tomorrow) where children can display the biggest pine cone they’ve ever seen, a photo of a giant peach they saw on a road trip, or their mother’s cell phone bill — our pastor’s recent suggestion.

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The last month or two, Becky and I have been going full speed trying to prepare for our move into our new church building. Our particular focus is the Children’s Ministry, and the building that was handed to us had far too much beige for our children!

The Children's Ministry hallway

We tried to brighten and create a sense of movement in a long hallway

Becky organized two workdays with about 25 volunteers at each, painting hallways and murals, putting together “partial assembly required” swings and toys and organizing supplies. A small design team and I created and painted a number of murals focused on the bigness of God.

Each room is themed around the question, “What is big for this age group?” For infants, flowers can be huge! For walkers, all they see are legs. For toddlers, trees are big. Preschoolers can begin to take in the bigness of a mountain. And Kindergartners think space is the biggest thing they can imagine.

Our first preview service was last Sunday, and it was a big success. We had about 250 more people than a typical week, and almost double the number of children. At times it was absolutely crazy as we worked out kinks and learned a new registration system. This week we’re anticipating a small reduction in attendance because of Labor Day, but the following week will likely set a record for our highest attendance ever. Please pray for Becky and me as we make our plans. It’s exciting, but growth and special events take a lot out of you. Becky has especially been putting in a lot of hours.

Thanks for your partnership with us.

The nursery

What's big for infants? Even the flowers and ladybugs are huge!

Jungle-themed Toddler Room

Cotter takes in the jungle-themed toddler room

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