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Another FAQ we have faced numerous times. We’re taking it at face value that people aren’t really trying to get us to leave!

While our schedule is beginning to take form, Becky and I are using pencil on our calendars.

  • I’m leaving my leadership development role on June 17 so I can focus on preparations for the new role, moving arrangements and growing our team of prayer and financial partners.
  • We’re developing a transition plan at our church to hand over our Children’s Ministry responsibilities before the new school year.
  • If our monthly financial support is at 100% by the end of August, we plan to move sometime between the end of August and mid-September, as there are significant financial benefits to residing in Canada and having our kids registered as homeschoolers by September 30.
  • While I will be traveling back and forth from Florida to Canada, my first official day on the job is U.S. Thanksgiving Day, November 24.

So, when do we move? It depends on how God provides. On June 21, we’ll be launching a (72) Days of Summer campaign to build the partnerships we need to meet our financial need. Stay tuned!


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