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You may have seen some of the videos on this site about the Mara cluster languages in Tanzania who were recently heard the Christmas story for the first time. The translation team is now working its way through Luke, and you might be interested in reading this update on how they’re using technology to move the project forward. Please pray for translators who are trying innovative techniques and engaging technology to accelerate the pace of Bible translation.

Accelerating the pace of Bible Translation

“Earlier this week the Mara Cluster Project in Tanzania conducted a Bible translation consultant check of the Gospel of Luke, chapter 22 in the Simbiti language. The consultant was in Holland and the translation team in a small town in Tanzania.

The whole team–translators, advisor in Tanzania and consultant in The Netherlands–had access to the Simbiti language database. This was done locally through a local area network (LAN) and remotely through a virtual private network (VPN). The two locations each used Skype to speak to each other over the internet.

The internet connection was sufficient to enable excellent transmission of voice and never during the consultant check did they have hearing issues related to poor transmission.

The team was able to check all of Luke 22 in about five and a half hours. This experiment shows that this method of consultant checking is viable, and it may bring significant benefits to the Mara Cluster Project.”

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It’s been ten years since Wycliffe adopted Vision 2025, committing ourselves to see Bible translation started in this generation for every language still needing it. So how are we doing? Wrong question. It’s a lot more messy than “we,” as Bible translation movements have popped up all over the world. What we do know is this:

  • New Bible translation project starts last year, by far the largest ever recorded: 109! That’s one translation started every three days!
  • The largest number of language communities in history with at least one book of the Bible: 2,479.

Praise God! This is the greatest acceleration of Bible translation in history. Our president Bob Creson likes to say that we are the first generation who could see the last Bible translation started.

So, what’s the remaining task? About 2,250 language communities – a population about the size of the United States – still have no access to Scripture in their heart language. With 16 years to go, we’re still not at the pace we need to be, but God is moving!

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