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How was I called?

I was just on the Wycliffe@Urbana’09 fan page on Facebook and saw this discussion question: So, how did God “call” you into missions? I reflected on my own journey 12 years ago in my post on that page, which I’m reposting here.

My call came in a couple of stages. First, I heard a missionary talk about the need for graphic designers in missions. I couldn’t get it out of my head, and it forced me eventually to change majors and schools to study graphic design.

My call to Wycliffe came at Urbana96. Everyone says going to Urbana is like drinking from a fire hydrant. So, on the last day, the prayer coordinator asked everyone to close their eyes and ask God to give them one thing to take home. When I closed my eyes, I saw a word. I actually saw the word “LIFE” — in slab-serif font, which is obviously the most comparable font to James Earl Jones’ voice, which is clearly the way God speaks in oral form.

Life? What did that mean? I was trying to figure out what God was saying, if it was really him speaking to me. Perhaps it meant he wanted my whole career, not just short term. I could accept that. Perhaps it meant my life would be required of me. That was a little harder to take.

I went back to my dorm room and told Becky about it. As I started pulling out all the materials I’d picked up at the booths that day, I began to shake. At the bottom of the Wycliffe materials was the slogan, “It’s about life!”

By the way, Wycliffe used the wrong font there. It wasn’t the one I saw. But it caught my attention either way.

God confirmed our calling to Wycliffe in many other ways within the next day or two. Too much to write here. But how cool that God would speak to a graphic designer in a visible way like that!

Today I’m so sold on Bible translation that I can’t imagine spending my entire life in any other way.


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