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Coaching in Panama

This week I’m in Panama… the one with the canal. I’m coaching three SIL members* who are beginning a process to develop themselves as leaders: a young leader new to the organization, a longtime member who isn’t sure why he’s participating, and a housewife wondering how to reengage now that the children are out of the house. I’m excited about what God’s going to do in the lives of all three.

On Thursday I’m facilitating a session on Leading Change. With big changes looming in SIL, this topic is going to be relevant, and I want to serve them well, equipping them to receive change and to lead it on a local level. Please pray that I’ll be sensitive to their needs and that the material I present will be applicable.


* SIL is our primary partner organization, through which Wycliffe staff are assigned to do Bible translation and linguistics work.


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