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One of our senior vice presidents asked me that on Friday afternoon as he heard the news that our team managed to boil 145 candidates for the Wycliffe USA board down to a dozen nominees for six seats.

Certainly the easier step would have been to offer 15 or 18 nominees and let the delegates at our triennial conference narrow the field for us. But we felt that, with the research and interviews we’d done, we were in the best position to make some tough calls. It will be tough enough for our delegates to get to know 12 nominees sufficiently to cast their votes in June. While I consent mentally to the decision we made, I still mourn the two or three great candidates that were removed at the last minute.

I presented our list of nominees to the board on Friday afternoon, and while there was some active discussion over a few questions they had, the entire list were unanimously approved. I appreciate the prayers as we made our decisions and as I made the presentation. The work isn’t complete until June, but the pressure is off now. I can rest in the fact that our organization will be in good shape with any six of these twelve on the board.

Thanks again for your support through prayer.


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