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Another FAQ we have faced numerous times. We’re taking it at face value that people aren’t really trying to get us to leave!

While our schedule is beginning to take form, Becky and I are using pencil on our calendars.

  • I’m leaving my leadership development role on June 17 so I can focus on preparations for the new role, moving arrangements and growing our team of prayer and financial partners.
  • We’re developing a transition plan at our church to hand over our Children’s Ministry responsibilities before the new school year.
  • If our monthly financial support is at 100% by the end of August, we plan to move sometime between the end of August and mid-September, as there are significant financial benefits to residing in Canada and having our kids registered as homeschoolers by September 30.
  • While I will be traveling back and forth from Florida to Canada, my first official day on the job is U.S. Thanksgiving Day, November 24.

So, when do we move? It depends on how God provides. On June 21, we’ll be launching a (72) Days of Summer campaign to build the partnerships we need to meet our financial need. Stay tuned!


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Roy must be certifiably crazy!

That’s raw, unvarnished reaction from a friend of ours when he heard that I was taking this position without any financial incentives. All I can say by way of response is I didn’t take the position for the money.

Next in my series addressing frequently asked questions, I want to tackle the issue of financial support. I think my friend’s gut reaction stems from a core belief that the only reason to pursue higher positions of responsibility is for what you can get out of it. While I think you can argue that a worker deserves his wages – that you should be adequately compensated for the increase in stress and responsibility, getting something out of it has never been my motivation. As I’ve said before, I believe taking this job was a step of obedience, and God clearly opened a lot of doors to get me to this point. I therefore believe that God is going to provide all the things He knows we need. (Matt 6:33)

All that to say that our status as members of Wycliffe who rely on God to provide through partnering churches and individuals has not changed. In other words, the position of president is just like most other positions in our organization: it is not a paid staff position. Yet the role comes with requirements that are unlike any other position. It simply costs more money to do president.

In order to start this new position, we are trusting God to provide $1,800 in additional monthly financial support by the end of August. Why then? There’s a pretty significant financial incentive. If we can establish residence and register our children as homeschoolers by September 30, we’ll be eligible for up to $1,500 per child in reimbursements for schooling costs, such as books, computers and dance lessons.

If you are interested in finding out how to partner with us, check out our partnership page.

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Are you excited?

“Are you excited?” and “Do you want the job?” are among the most common questions we’ve received. While Becky and I didn’t pursue this position with Wycliffe Canada, we made a series of prayerful decisions to go the next step in the process. And then the next. So, when the Board selected me unanimously, we saw the hand of God in that decision. This is simply our next step of obedience to God. It’s a role that will stretch us, challenge us and cause us to depend on God in new ways.

I think many look at the position of president in terms of the honor that it is. Certainly, it is an honor to be chosen. It comes with a platform, a high profile and authority. But when I look at the position, I see responsibility. There are significant challenges that need to be tackled. I feel a burden to support the 400 members plus volunteers and paid staff working throughout the world. And I feel the urgency to draw out the vast resources Canadians can contribute to making the Word of God accessible in every language in this generation.

I’ve quoted it several times before in my leadership blog, but I’ll say it again. In The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership, Dr. Steven Sample quotes the advice of one of his colleagues:

Many men want to be president, but very few want to do president.

So, Yes! I am excited. And, Yes! I am terrified!

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