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Excerpt from an article in the Orlando Sentinel today, above the fold!

Translating the Bible

In a remote island village of 1,200 people in Indonesia, a man hooks a notebook computer to a satellite connection and sends a Bible translation in his native Yawa language to a consultant sitting in her home office in Arlington, Texas.

In a Nigerian city of a nearly a million people, a couple working with translation missionaries posts baby pictures on their Facebook page and talk by Skype to the wife’s parents back in Deltona.

To the nearly 6,000 translators, linguists and educators who work for the Orlando-based Wycliffe Bible Translators in 90 countries, social media and new communications technology has compressed the time it takes to translate a Bible from 12 years on average to seven, said Bob Creson, CEO of Wycliffe, the world’s largest Bible-translation organization.

For missionaries, it means they suffer less from reverse culture shock when they return home after being overseas — and away from American culture — for years at a time. And for Wycliffe, it means moving faster and more efficiently toward translating the Bible for the remaining 2,200 languages in the world without one.

“People just don’t feel as isolated as they used to. The size of the globe has been reduced,” Creson said.

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It’s become clear that Latins need to own the rest of the work.

My new friends Job and Mabel from Bolivia served in India and now spend their energy supporting and encouraging new Bolivian missionaries. They are very interested in going to Indonesia themselves in the near future. This couple were among a couple of dozen that met this week for leadership development and a fresh infusion of vision. I headed for the airport today realizing they have more vision than I do.

Several people throughout the week stated that if for some crazy reason Wycliffe were to abandon this vision to start translation in every language in this generation, it would still go on. These Latin and indigenous colleagues, a number of which have completed their own translations, are total believers. They feel the urgency personally. They know the power of the Bible to transform lives. They realize that they can do translation. And they have incredible faith that God can do the impossible.

I was humbled to spend a week with them. These are people Wycliffe is honored to partner with and serve alongside.

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