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Thanksgiving video

To all those who have prayed, encouraged and partnered with us financially, this video is for you:


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A month from today I will be installed as president of Wycliffe Canada. A lot of thoughts go through my mind as I say that, and a flood of emotions, but the idea is settling in. The more I sit in on Leadership Team meetings, the more I feel comfortable with a very good team. The more I’m able to put my stamp on decisions that are being made, the more the role is feeling and will feel my own. The more I represent Wycliffe at meetings like the EFC President’s Day last week in Vancouver, the more I feel like I belong. The more I get warm welcomes and good dialogue from Wycliffe staff, as I did at the Canada Institute of Linguistics on Friday, the more I feel like I’m not on my own.

Still, I anticipate the month ahead will build in intensity. I have a number of meetings this month that will get me up to the altitude I hope to be at by the end of the month. I’m putting together plans for the team that will serve with me as I step into the role. That includes hiring an executive assistant to help me start well, along with a couple of part-time writers/editors. I’m also putting together the outline of an initiative to help our staff build their financial support teams. And I’m sketching out the framework for a Leadership Team retreat in January, where we’ll begin a five year plan for Wycliffe.

In the more immediate foreground, two big events are looming. First, my daughter turns six on November 3. That’s a big milestone for her. Then I leave in a week for a few days in Costa Rica to meet with other leaders in North and South America as we consider some of the trends in our organization and our continents. I’ll have the incredible privilege of spending the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer with my Spanish-speaking colleagues.

It’s going to be a good month. I’ll keep you posted on prayer needs, and stay tuned for a bit of a travelog as I go to Costa Rica on November 7.

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Kaitlyn jetwayWhen it came to leaving the U.S., everything conspired against us. Little tasks took an hour. Steve, the man who’s been advising us about getting our truck across the border, got a horrible case of shingles. Aidan got pink eye, followed by an ear infection ten hours before our flight. Then our flight out of Orlando was delayed because they couldn’t get the engines up to speed. “Just let us get out of here!” we prayed.

Well, we made our connecting flight, Aidan had only mild discomfort from his ear infection, and we’ve just had a tour of the house we’re renting. We love it, and we have great landlords. It’s been a long day, but it’s been good. Let me share with you one other little encouragement we had, which I’m sure is in response to your prayers.

Boys jetwayMany of you have been praying about getting the truck with all our stuff across the border on Friday. So why should we be surprised when we arrived at the Calgary airport and ran into the one customs agent who knew our case! Of the dozen or more agents milling around, the one behind the desk when we walked up is a friend of Steve’s. They talked about our situation yesterday, and he even called Steve while we were waiting. We haven’t had a breakthrough yet, but how neat it was that God hand-picked that agent to guide us through at least that first step. It’s a sign that He’s got things under control.

Please continue to pray for creative solutions. Worst case, we’ll still be driving down on Friday to transfer stuff from one truck to a UHaul or two. We are humbled that we have a few co-workers willing to make that long drive just to carry a bunch of boxes from one truck to another.

Thanks for your prayers! Keep them coming!
Roy and Becky

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Road trip!

We interrupted our packing for a road trip to build up our partnership team and say goodbyes to friends. First, it was Atlanta for a week of wall-to-wall appointments, a week of VBS for the kids, a sermon from Roy yesterday morning and “shoehorning” in a little time with family. Lots of new friends and hugs from old friends.

Now Becky and I are leaving the kids with grandparents and heading up to North Carolina, Virginia and Washington, DC to see more friends. It’s a break from packing and preparing the house for renting, but it can also be tiring work. We’re throwing in a few touristy things to mix it up a bit, getting to the Naval Yards in Norfolk and tours in the capitol.

Please pray for our energy level, our safety in driving and that we would have good visits as we renew relationships and say goodbyes. Please pray also for both sets of grandparents, who will each get some time with the kids.

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Click the image to see the full pdf with clickable links and printable response mechanism.

It’s not just a pretty picture. Print it out and put it on your fridge or mirror or dashboard to remind you to pray for us. Or use the response card to partner with us or request regular updates through our newsletter and prayer emails.

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“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24, NLT).

Beginning with dinner last night, a select group of nine Wycliffe leaders from a variety of home and field assignments kicked off a pilot leadership program, called Unplugged, with Wycliffe USA President Bob Creson. Lasting through Friday, this set of dinners and meetings at the Creson’s home presents rising leaders with the opportunity to both suggest their own topics for discussion and listen to what is on Bob’s heart and gain a greater understanding of the current trends affecting Wycliffe USA and Vision 2025.

The Unplugged program, recommended by a member of the Wycliffe USA Board, has already proven to be an effective leadership tool for InterVarsity.* Unplugged is designed to build trust and prompt honest conversation, as well as challenge and inspire all of the participants to continued personal growth and to consider further leadership possibilities.

  • Pray for these rising leaders to sense God’s continued direction and wisdom for them during Unplugged. Pray for good group discussions that lead to even stronger bonds of unity.

*InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide.

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The last month or two, Becky and I have been going full speed trying to prepare for our move into our new church building. Our particular focus is the Children’s Ministry, and the building that was handed to us had far too much beige for our children!

The Children's Ministry hallway

We tried to brighten and create a sense of movement in a long hallway

Becky organized two workdays with about 25 volunteers at each, painting hallways and murals, putting together “partial assembly required” swings and toys and organizing supplies. A small design team and I created and painted a number of murals focused on the bigness of God.

Each room is themed around the question, “What is big for this age group?” For infants, flowers can be huge! For walkers, all they see are legs. For toddlers, trees are big. Preschoolers can begin to take in the bigness of a mountain. And Kindergartners think space is the biggest thing they can imagine.

Our first preview service was last Sunday, and it was a big success. We had about 250 more people than a typical week, and almost double the number of children. At times it was absolutely crazy as we worked out kinks and learned a new registration system. This week we’re anticipating a small reduction in attendance because of Labor Day, but the following week will likely set a record for our highest attendance ever. Please pray for Becky and me as we make our plans. It’s exciting, but growth and special events take a lot out of you. Becky has especially been putting in a lot of hours.

Thanks for your partnership with us.

The nursery

What's big for infants? Even the flowers and ladybugs are huge!

Jungle-themed Toddler Room

Cotter takes in the jungle-themed toddler room

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