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The Spray Lakes

Roy hiking above the Spray Lakes

When Becky and I went to Calgary the first week of May to interview with the Board, there were several moments of temptation to go a different direction. First, I remember sitting at the Dallas Fort Worth airport, looking at two gates that happened to be side-by-side. One flight listed an island in the Caribbean as its destination. Sun, relaxation and worry-free living. The other led to Calgary, whose skies were laden with responsibility and stress. Is that really the flight I wanted to be on?

Then the interview and subsequent Board meeting were stationed tantalizingly close to the Rockies. In fact, our consolation prize was going to be two nights in the Rockies, without kids. I could hear them calling my name! The hour I was offered the job, I had to call and cancel our reservations.

Justin and Tammy Hettinga

Justin just seems at home in the mountains

So, last week, after sitting in meetings for four days, I finally got my chance. I was ready for some exercise. Wycliffe Canada’s vice president of mobilization enthusiastically served as tour guide as I joined his family on a drive to the peaks near Canmore. While it wasn’t the strenuous climb Justin was used to, I had a different perspective: I hiked the entire altitude of Florida in my first ten minutes. The whole time I hiked, I kept thinking, “Cotter’s really going to love hiking.” Can’t wait to introduce the kids to real mountains.


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