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Comedy of errors

I learned in English Literature class that Shakespeare wrote two kinds of plays. If it wasn’t a comedy, it was a tragedy. The hardships might be the same during the journey, but the ending defined which it was. Let me give you a couple of examples from our last week. Each begins with a few short words that describe a triumph where the process was anything but short.

We made our flight last Wednesday. All the way to the end, we wondered if we’d be able to fly. First, Aidan got pink eye, which mercifully didn’t transmit to anyone else. Then he got an ear infection 10 hours before the flight, which thankfully didn’t both him too much in the air. Then the airport trucks couldn’t get the airplane engines turning fast enough to get us away from the gate, squeezing further an already-narrow layover in Dallas. But we made our connection and arrived in Calgary on time.

We’ve moved in. Of course, it took two moves. Four guys spent a 15-hour Friday driving down to the border, transferring everything from one U.S. truck to two Canadian U-Hauls to bring across the border. Sure, it was a bonding experience and great for teamwork, but I would have chosen a different method for doing that! Our moving company got their carrier number on Monday. Getting that carrier number one business day earlier would have allowed them to deliver to our door.

Yesterday we got the internet and wifi set up. Let me set the stage for this one. The story begins with packing our boxes in Orlando, where I made mistake #1, putting my cell phone charger into a miscellaneous box that we didn’t identify until yesterday afternoon. That left us reliant on a car charger. Complicating matters, the screen went out on the phone over the weekend, leaving it still starkly useful if you have a basic understanding of its functionality. That detail is strangely irrelevant to this story. While we were still in Orlando, we booked installation of Shaw internet for Monday, and true to their word, a man came and “got everything working.” Mistake #2 was letting him leave before I had the internet up and live on my computer.

That mistake was rectified with a 3 hour and 45 minute phone call with Shaw, of which actual speaking time totaled about 5 minutes. It’s one of those things where human nature causes you to dig in and stick to your guns. “I’ve been on the phone an hour, and there’s no way I’m giving up my place in line!” Well, what happens when you’re on a cell phone for almost 4 hours? Without a wall charger? You spend a chunk of that time in the car, with the engine running and your head slightly cricked because the cord is too short. Yet the cable modem is inside, so when you finally get someone on the line, you can’t be charging. Sure enough, after getting a technical service person on the line and successfully getting two out of three computers working — each of which strangely required resetting the winsock catalog (whatever that is) and turning off both modem and computer — the phone died. Thankfully we were able to apply the same fix to the final computer and got all three working, other than the fact that we have to turn everything off each time we trade out computers on this modem. “Unusual situation,” the tech support person assured us.

Last night when I wanted to get our wifi router working, I called a friend. He had me up to speed in five minutes with no wait time. All three computers can now surf at leisure without having to restart anything.

I told you this was no tragedy. Tragedies end with tears, not cord-free blog posts written from the sofa in my living room.


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Kaitlyn jetwayWhen it came to leaving the U.S., everything conspired against us. Little tasks took an hour. Steve, the man who’s been advising us about getting our truck across the border, got a horrible case of shingles. Aidan got pink eye, followed by an ear infection ten hours before our flight. Then our flight out of Orlando was delayed because they couldn’t get the engines up to speed. “Just let us get out of here!” we prayed.

Well, we made our connecting flight, Aidan had only mild discomfort from his ear infection, and we’ve just had a tour of the house we’re renting. We love it, and we have great landlords. It’s been a long day, but it’s been good. Let me share with you one other little encouragement we had, which I’m sure is in response to your prayers.

Boys jetwayMany of you have been praying about getting the truck with all our stuff across the border on Friday. So why should we be surprised when we arrived at the Calgary airport and ran into the one customs agent who knew our case! Of the dozen or more agents milling around, the one behind the desk when we walked up is a friend of Steve’s. They talked about our situation yesterday, and he even called Steve while we were waiting. We haven’t had a breakthrough yet, but how neat it was that God hand-picked that agent to guide us through at least that first step. It’s a sign that He’s got things under control.

Please continue to pray for creative solutions. Worst case, we’ll still be driving down on Friday to transfer stuff from one truck to a UHaul or two. We are humbled that we have a few co-workers willing to make that long drive just to carry a bunch of boxes from one truck to another.

Thanks for your prayers! Keep them coming!
Roy and Becky

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On our way

AA 1833

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Where is home?

Never ask a missionary kid or a third culture kid where home is. As I prepared to send out my home address changes yesterday, it occurred to me that all five of us have a fuzzy view of where home is. Here’s a quick summary:

Where is home

So, “home” means that a few requirements are met. Friends, a place to settle, a good church and enjoyable neighbors all help us feel like we’re “home.” I suspect it will take a bit of time, but we’ve got a great start in each of those categories.

Here’s our new contact info:

28 Hidden Spring Place NW
Calgary, AB T3A 5H6
Home (VOIP, once we get our internet set up): 403-879-7320
Roy cell (until Nov 30): 403-804-8259
Email: roy_eyre@wycliffe.org and becky_eyre@wycliffe.org
Skype: royeyre and becky.eyre1

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Kids on the truck

Aidan, Cotter and Kaitlyn have been real troopers. They’ve enjoyed the fun parts, found novelty in the mundane parts and been patient with the boring parts, such as dinners with their parents’ friends.

The highlight of the move happens in two days: the flight to Calgary will be Kaitlyn’s first and Cotter’s first since he was 7 weeks old. Aidan is looking forward to scratching the itch to fly that was embedded deeply during his first 3 years of life. I feel badly for the business people who will sit near us, because our children are going to exude pure joy and curiosity.

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Everything but the kitchen sink

It took six hours to pack it well for a 2,800 mile road trip. (And just for the record, we didn’t fill the whole truck.) But it’s done. The truck is on the road. Good thing, because we’ve got nothing left. Time to collapse.

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Moving Day

This morning we load the truck. After weeks and weeks of packing and organizing and preparing, this is the culmination. We’re already stiff. Can’t imagine how we’ll feel tonight. A couple of days ago we moved over to a Wycliffe apartment so we could clean the carpets. Tonight the hot tub by the pool has my name on it.

We’re not leaving today. Once the truck is gone, we’ll have until Wednesday to take care of some details and say our goodbyes. We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time for any kind of emotional response to our departure. I’m guessing the next few days will be pretty emotional for all of us.

All the details aren’t taken care of. We still have a little over $250/month we’re trusting God to provide. And we don’t even know how our stuff is going to get into Canada yet. Please join us in praying for a solution that would allow us to get our stuff into Calgary without having to be transferred to another truck. But as Jesus said in Matthew 6:34,

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

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