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A month from today I will be installed as president of Wycliffe Canada. A lot of thoughts go through my mind as I say that, and a flood of emotions, but the idea is settling in. The more I sit in on Leadership Team meetings, the more I feel comfortable with a very good team. The more I’m able to put my stamp on decisions that are being made, the more the role is feeling and will feel my own. The more I represent Wycliffe at meetings like the EFC President’s Day last week in Vancouver, the more I feel like I belong. The more I get warm welcomes and good dialogue from Wycliffe staff, as I did at the Canada Institute of Linguistics on Friday, the more I feel like I’m not on my own.

Still, I anticipate the month ahead will build in intensity. I have a number of meetings this month that will get me up to the altitude I hope to be at by the end of the month. I’m putting together plans for the team that will serve with me as I step into the role. That includes hiring an executive assistant to help me start well, along with a couple of part-time writers/editors. I’m also putting together the outline of an initiative to help our staff build their financial support teams. And I’m sketching out the framework for a Leadership Team retreat in January, where we’ll begin a five year plan for Wycliffe.

In the more immediate foreground, two big events are looming. First, my daughter turns six on November 3. That’s a big milestone for her. Then I leave in a week for a few days in Costa Rica to meet with other leaders in North and South America as we consider some of the trends in our organization and our continents. I’ll have the incredible privilege of spending the Wycliffe World Day of Prayer with my Spanish-speaking colleagues.

It’s going to be a good month. I’ll keep you posted on prayer needs, and stay tuned for a bit of a travelog as I go to Costa Rica on November 7.


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