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Consolidating blogs

I’m finding four blogs a little much to keep up with. So Becky and I are merging our two ministry blogs over to Wycliffe Canada’s website. Bookmark wycliffe.ca/m?TeamEyre. Better yet, click “follow” and keep up with all of our updates.

On the new site, note our new Partnership page.

For the record, my other blogs:


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Head back and eyes fixed

Just before our family moved to Calgary from Orlando, I joined a group of Wycliffe USA colleagues in a 5K race to benefit a local children’s home. I was not a runner and wasn’t in running shape, but I I jogged a few times to prepare, and that Saturday morning I felt like I was in decent shape for a race of this length. The race began, and I tried to tie myself to some of the better runners on our team for motivation. It didn’t take long before I fell behind. One of those ahead of me was Forrest Flaniken. In addition to his day job as senior vice president, the job he worked two doors down from me in the Offices of the President, I knew he was a grey-haired triathlete. And for some reason, I decided that day that a guy 13 years older than me wasn’t going to beat me.

The problem is that he had set a pretty good pace. Pretty soon he was getting smaller as he gained ground on me. For four kilometers, I stayed in his rear view mirror, and in the final kilometer, I summoned the energy to begin closing the gap. As we rounded the final corner and had a clear view of the finish line, I caught up. I slapped him on the back and yelled, “Come on, Forrest!” We both began to sprint as fast as we could, our heads back and eyes fixed on the finish line.

That’s my memory of Forrest. He had his eyes fixed on the finish line and committed his life to getting the Bible into every language. He didn’t do it as a Bible translator, but as an administrator, controller and finance director. In 1991, Forrest stepped out of a good job with a good company. He was director of finance and administration at an oil company, but something was missing. Last week he spoke at Wycliffe USA’s chapel service about how that decision to pursue a new career started with his discontent. “As much as I enjoyed my job, there was a piece of me that wasn’t satisfied.” He realized, “I have a different goal than a lot of people in this company.” He subsequently spent the last 21 years applying his skills in multiple roles with Wycliffe, one of the biggest of which was spearheading Wycliffe USA’s move from California to Florida.

One thing I appreciate about Forrest is that he approached his life as a coach. He asked good questions, and he invested in young men and young leaders. Beyond his role at Wycliffe, he raised three boys to follow Christ, coached Little League and taught at a local university. That shows some of his heart: to invest in those he would leave behind, including his three boys.

He left us on October 14. I can’t find the photo, but that moment is forever captured in my mind. He finished with head back and eyes fixed.

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EyreMail Dec11

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Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada held an induction ceremony for the new president, Roy Eyre, on Nov. 30. The event, held at Cornerstone Church in Calgary, was well attended by local pastors, church and national leaders, as well as Wycliffe members and Wycliffe board directors. It was a time of celebration as well as “passing on the baton.” T.V. Thomas, a Wycliffe Canada board member, hosted the program.

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I’ll post some thoughts about today’s induction service, but my brain isn’t really working this evening. So, since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are about 3,000.


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